Older adult smiling and interacting with KinVoice from an Amazon Echo smart speaker device on the kitchen table


Voice user interfaces (VUIs) becoming ubiquitous and speech synthesis technology maturing, it is possible to synthesise AI voices to resemble our friends and relatives, which we will collectively call ‘kin’, and use them on VUIs. However, designing such interfaces and investigating how the familiarity of kin voices affect user perceptions remain under-explored.

Check out the video overview:

Role and Results

I led this research:

  • Created the concept
  • Interface and custom API development
  • Conducted user studies
  • Writing and publication to CSCW 2021 (journal article)

Assistance in development: Tamil Selvan Gunasekaran

Voice Cloning Demo

Today, we can easily clone voices with just 5 seconds of audio. Try out voice cloning for yourself using this Google Colab project.